Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A letter to Santa from a one year old

Dear Santa,

So, my mom and dad keep talking about you. They tell me you like to say Ho, Ho, Ho, which I obediently repeat every time I see your picture. Yet, for some reason when I thought I saw you at Target and pointed and said Ho, Ho, Ho, my mom said, no, no, that's not Santa, that's just some man with a beard. Well c'mon, talk about confusing!

We went to see you last week. I didn't mind you so much. You seemed pretty friendly. Then my mom sat me on your lap.

Ummm... yeah, how do I put this? You scared the living daylights out of me! I have never been so terrified in all my 1 and a half years! I mean seriously, scared the shit out of me! And what did my parents do? They laughed! And took my picture! What the hell Mom and Dad?

My older brothers tell me that you will sneak into our house at night while I'm sleeping and leave toys under our tree. I have to say, this doesn't help your scary persona much. I mean toys are fun and all, but why the sneaking around?

And what's the deal with the tree anyway? Is this your doing too? I mean who puts a tree in the middle of the play area? (Well, mom and dad call it a living room, but it's basically a play room.) Why would you put a big tree in the middle of my play area and hang all these things that are just the right size for my hands to grab and then just keep repeating, "No touch, no touch." Ha! I just smile and touch anyway, lol!

Then there's all these books about a little baby in a barn my mom keeps reading me. He's way cuter than you. I think my parents should put a baby in my lap instead of making me sit in your lap, just saying. Yet for some reason, every time we see a real baby, my mom says I can't hold it. Sheesh, I carry around those fake babies at home, what is the difference?!

Oh yeah, so I guess the point of a letter to Santa is to ask for something for Christmas. Sorry, I get distracted easily. Is that the garbage truck?!


Huh? Oh yeah, here is a list of things I would like for Christmas:

edible crayons
edible play doh
my brothers' legos... umm and can you go ahead and make them edible?
cake, cookies
more candy

Is that the garbage truck again?! Ah, man, it's just a car.... What was I talking about?

Candy... oh, I found a Reese's Peanut Butter Tree! Open it please! Open it! Open it! I'm crushing it in my hands, I am so excited to eat this!!! OPEN IT! SOMEONE OPEN IT NOW!!

A one year old

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  1. i couldnt stop smiling as i read this post. this is beyond cute! though i do feel sorry for the poor girl while her parents were just laughing lol. Thanks for this