Thursday, February 19, 2015

I hate you Dinner

Dinner, you suck.

I know that I should get my kids more involved, but I don't.

I know that I should plan my meals ahead of time, I try, but most of the time, I don't.

I know that I should make some ready to go freezer meals, but I don't.

I know that I should not be surprised when five o'clock rolls around and the kids start whining, "I'm sooooo hungry!" Five o'clock comes at the same time every day, but every day, I'm like shit, it's dinner time already!?

My husband has an unpredictable work schedule. Sometimes he's home from work while I'm getting dinner ready. Which is, like, the most awesome dinner prep time ever! Like, angels signing in Heaven, all is right with the world, you mean, I can open the oven without screaming, "Hot, No Touch!" to my toddler because there's another adult around!

Buuuuuttttt... a lot of times he has to work late. Which leaves me (along with all my unpreparedness) alone with 3 whiny little mouths to feed and dinner to make. I get mad that he's still at work and not at home helping me with dinner.

Then, I feel guilty for being mad that he's at work, because I'm a stay at home mom and his job supports our family. And then, I feel guilty that I'm not more grateful that his job supports our family. And then, the toddler runs at the oven with an outstretched hand, yelling "hot! hot!" And I scramble to get it shut before she burns off her freaking hand.

I mean, I am thankful for my husband and how hard he works at his job. But I'm also thankful because, he is grateful for how hard I work, too. He is 100% my partner in parenting when he is home. Which is why I love having him around! Ding! Cue the guilt again, er, I mean meatloaf.

If by some miracle, I get dinner on the table, I then need to wrassle the kids to the table to eat it! "Go pee, wash up, help set the table, grab some forks, put the ketchup out, keep your sister away from the oven, please?!"

Then we sit, well by we, I mean the kids. I spend all of dinner running around like a damn waitress.

"Mom, can you cut this up for me?"

"Mom, I spilled my milk!"

"What is that? I don't like it!"

"I want ranch, not ketchup."

"Can I have dessert now?"

Kids are so much fun to feed
Finally, I sit to eat my cold dinner that I spent all this time making, serving and hearing about how much it sucks. And I swear, just as I am about to put that first forkful into my mouth, one of them announces, "I'm all done!"

The toddler looks up and emphatically waves her arms signing, all done. Soooo, I get her out of her highchair, clean her up, help the other one wash up and tell the the oldest to wash himself up.

While they run amok in and out of the kitchen, I reach for that first forkful again. That's when Dad makes his appearance. He walks in like the king of the damn castle. The kids hide and jump out at him screaming Boo!

They are so freaking excited to see Dad, like he's a celebrity.

You'd think he made them dinner or something.

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  1. So many words of truth! I had visions of getting more "into" cooking now that the kids are in school but... they are all so picky in their own ways that the excitement to cook hasn't quite happened yet. Maybe someday. Until then, I too am not a fan dinner. Cheers,
    Shannon Day

    1. Glad I'm not the only one! Thank you so much for reading!