Tuesday, March 24, 2015

You might be raising your kids in Wisconsin if...

  • They get a drink of water from a bubbler and a water fountain is something they throw pennies in to make a wish.
  • Forty degrees is warm, and means you can skip your coat and hat.
  • They have sporting gear for every season: sleds, ice skates, roller blades, bikes, scooters, but defiantly no surf boards.
  • They have an innate love of dairy products: ice cream, yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, string cheese, cheese curds, pretty much any kind of cheese.
Image Credit: morguefile.com
  • Speaking of cheese, they know that cheese curds can come deep fried or if you buy them fresh, they squeak when you eat them.
  • They know that cheese can be used to enhance food, burgers, baked potatoes, chili, hot dogs, brats, broccoli, chicken, salads, just pretty much any kind of food can be covered in cheese.
  • They know what a brat is. 
  • They know what sauerkraut is. They may like sauerkraut on their brat.
  • Birthday parties are scheduled around Packer games. Actually, everything needs to be scheduled around Packer games. Unless the social event includes watching the game, it will not take precedence over the Packers.
  • Aaron Rodgers is their hero.
  • They have milked a cow.
  • They are familiar with the phrase "Knee high by the fourth of July."
  • They know what fresh country air smells like. Cow manure.
  • One day, they can play outside with sidewalk chalk and no coat and the next day build a snowman in their snowsuits.
  • Halloween costumes must be big enough to be worn over their winter coat.
  • They cannot wait until they are old enough to take Hunter's Safety Course and go along deer hunting.
  • The Fleet Farm toy catalog is the official kickoff to the Christmas season.

Well, that's all I got. If you happen to be like me and raising your kids in Wisconsin, what else would you add?

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  1. Clearly modern parenting can be tiresome as kids are always upto mischief sometimes but we all loook forward to seeing them grow old and become responsible adults. Cheers!