Monday, July 6, 2015

I am not athletic, but I hope my kids will be

You know that meme about if you see me running, it's because something is chasing me?

That pretty much sums up my athletic ability.

I dreaded gym class as a kid. I never could do one damn chin up, so instead my gym teacher would sigh and say, "Well let me time how long you can hang there then."

Nothing struck more fear in me than the words "Presidential Fitness Test."

I shudder just typing that.

I always pictured the current president in the gym, watching my fat ass come in last place over and over again and shaking his head disappointingly.

And then of course there was the mile.

How I hated running the mile.

Usually when one or two other slow pokes and I finally crossed the finish line, long after the rest of the class finished, I would pass out on the football field and just wish I were dead.

So, of course, I signed up our whole family for a 5k run/walk on the 4th of July!

Image Credit: Fox Firecracker 5k Walk Run Facebook page

Makes perfect sense, right?

I am still not athletic, still can't run a mile, still can't do a blasted chin up.

My husband (who is not much more athletic than me) complained that there were going to be a lot of serious runners there and we were going to look like fools.

"It's a run/walk." I told him, emphasizing that we would be doing the walking part.

Why did I do this?

I wanted to do this as a family. I wanted my kids to look back on their childhood and have memories of doing physical activity together.

I don't care about being skinny or looking hot. I don't care about being the best at a sport. I don't care if my kids never want to go out for sports.

But, I hope they won't dread gym class like I did. I hope that they enjoy trying their best. I hope that they don't fear physical fitness. I hope that for them, it's just another part of life, just another part of staying healthy.

I hope that they aren’t like me and wait until they have kids before they give a shit about fitness.

If genetics have anything to do with it, our kids probably don't have a future as Olympic athletes, but that doesn't mean they have to sit on the sidelines for the rest of their lives either.

The morning of the 4th of July, we got up with just enough time to get to the 5k.

We missed the kids fun run, which started a half an hour before the 5k, because we were late. That was great, just great, what a waste of $5 per kid.

I cried.

I was furious that we missed something yet again because we were late and my whole plan of showing the kids that run and fun could go together was foiled.

Bun Bun, 4 years old, was excited for the kids fun run and I was excited to see all the kids run in a race just for them. Especially Lala, 2 years old, because, well, have you ever seen a 2 year old run? It's adorable.

Anyway, I had to just let it go, we missed it. Now the 5k was going to start soon.

Gus was walking with my husband and I, and Bun Bun and Lala were in our bike trailer which converted to a jogging stroller.

A strap on the seat of the stroller busted just as the race was starting.

Son of a Bitch!

There we stood, my husband trying to fix it, me holding Lala and keeping Gus and Bun Bun out of the way of all the people behind us, rushing past us.

My husband got the strap fixed and we were off. We were at the end of the race.

We had agreed on two goals.

1) Don't come in last place

2) Beat the time of the last place person from last year (1hr 28min)

We ran a little ways to catch up so we weren't at the very end. We made it up the first big hill and Gus lost all energy.

"Mom!" he whined, "I need to take a rest."

"Keep going buddy, if you sit down, you won't want to get back up."

He kept going, but at a snail's pace.

My husband had the stroller with the other kids and got ahead of us. I tried to get Gus motivated by telling him, "Let's run and see who can get to Dad first!"

He wasn't having it. We walked the rest of the way and there were only a handful of other walkers behind us.

Gus and I crossed the Finish line together. It took us about an hour to walk the 5k, which is just over 3 miles. My husband finished a few minutes before us and let the kids out of the stroller to run through the finish line since they missed the kids run.

We were in 1,000th place (nearly last), but we finished.

And we met our goals, under an hour and 28 minutes and we weren’t dead last.

If my kids take after my husband and I that is probably what they can expect when it comes to athletics. They're not going to be the best, but they can still finish.

Sometimes, just showing up and finishing are the hardest parts, but can also be the proudest, too.

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  1. A funny way to put it all. I am very athletic. Been my whole life but believe me its not all that healthy. You should be energetic. Rather than wish to be athletic