Saturday, November 1, 2014

A poem- She is Moving

She is Moving

The pure innocence that exudes from a baby
I wish I could bottle that look in her shining, wondrous eyes
In only 8 months of life she has been completely dependent 
She turns to my breast for nourishment, comfort, reassurance
Yet with each roll from her tummy to her back,
Each rock back and forth up on all fours,
Each time she gets so close to that first crawl,
She is moving
moving her body under her own powers, her own free will
She is moving
moving her hands together to clap
She is moving
moving her mouth to form the most glorious of all smiles
She is moving
moving her whole body towards a toy just out of reach
She is moving
moving her whole life forward, away from my breast, away from me
Towards her own independence









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