Monday, March 16, 2015

A Letter to my Daughter

You are only a year and a half right now. Your life revolves around emptying cupboards, eating, pooping, sleeping, emptying Kleenex boxes, eating, pooping and making mommy run after you.

But before you and I know it, you will be a woman. I am not raising a little girl, although I think I'd give just about anything to freeze time and keep you my sweet, innocent little girl forever. I am raising a woman. Someday you will be all grown up and have to face this world on your own.

I am equally terrified and excited to watch you grow up. Part of me wishes that I could map out your life for you, but someone else has already done that. God has a plan for you my child. I'm blessed that I get to witness that plan be carried out.

You will figure things out for yourself, I know, but there are some things I want you to tell you.

1) You are beautiful just the way God made you.

I know there will be women who you will think are prettier than you. I know that some of your friends might "blossom" before you. I know the girls in the magazine will make you feel like there's something wrong with you because your body is different from theirs. Let me assure you, though, that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and styles and colors, and you are So Incredibly Beautiful just they way you are. We are all children of God. He made us in his likeness, what could be more beautiful than that?

2) Mom and Dad will always have your back

Seriously. If we make rules for you, it's because we love you. If we make you learn a new skill, it's because we love you. If you screw up and we punish you, it's because we love you. If we tell you that you can't date that boy, it's because we love you. If you ever screw up real bad, We Are Here For You! Because we love you! Don't ever be afraid to tell us what you did wrong. Don't be afraid to ask us tough questions. And don't be surprised when you succeed really big that we are your biggest, most obnoxious fans ever!

3) Be who you are

Whoever you want to be in life, be it! Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do something. Pursue your dreams and don't be afraid to change your mind, fail, or do something different from everyone else. Sometimes your dreams might take you in a different direction than your friends. But don't worry, true friends can take different paths and still find common ground.

4) Move on

You will get in fights. There will be times when being right may seem like the most important thing in the world. But let me assure you, sometimes you just have to agree to disagree, and move the F on. Life is too short to hold grudges.  

5) Dating can wait

If your father had his way, dating could probably wait until you turn 30. That's a bit much. I don't know that there is a specific age that is right, but I'm guessing that my number is going to be higher than one you come up with. The thing is, dating is complicated. And it can be very grown up. I know that it will seem new and exciting to you, but the longer you wait to date, the longer you have to be a child. And I know that a longer childhood may seem pointless to you, but ask any adult if they could go back and choose between a longer dating life or a longer childhood. Dating isn't going anywhere, please just give it some time before you jump in.

6) Learn to change the oil in a car

Just as I will encourage your brothers (and you too) to learn to cook, clean and do laundry, you (and your brothers) will need to learn how to mow the lawn, change the oil in your car and use a drill. I want you to be a competent adult. Gender should not inhibit your ability to take care of yourself.

7) Don't be a mean girl

 Girls can be so nasty! I know, I was both the one being mean and the one getting picked on. Please don't get sucked up in that nonsense! Learn to talk to your girlfriends in a way that is open and honest. Don't resort to rumors or shaming to say what you are feeling.

8) Choose Happiness

There are soooooo many people in this world who will try to bring you down. Don't let them! Happiness is a choice. Negativity is a choice. The latter is a complete waste of time. There's always a bright side, if you are willing to look for it.

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  1. It's a great way to keep your kids in loop about their childhood and what they have to face once they grow up. Letters addressed to them shows them how much they matter to you.