Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stop with the damn studies, please!

The other day I saw this article in my newsfeed about how a new study found that quality time with kids is more important than quantity. So, working moms relax!

Then just a few scrolls down and I see this handy dandy 2013 study about the benefits of stay at home moms.


I feel like I could have saved these people a lot of time and money if they would have just asked me. Listen up scientists! It makes no damn difference if you are a stay at home mom or a working mom! Can we please stop this already?! You know what does make a difference? Loving your damn kid!

It seems like every other facebook link, magazine article or news story starts with the phrase, “A new study shows that blah, blah, blah.”

Sometimes I think they do these studies just to mess with parents’ minds.

They just came out with a study about how far apart women should space their pregnancies. Which is fine if you are Fertile Myrtle, but some of us aren’t able to plan our pregnancies like that. Sometimes you try and try to have a baby for months or years. Sometimes a pregnancy is a surprise and not at all when you expected. So now we need a study to tell us that we did it all wrong? Gee, thanks.

I mean, what is the point of all these studies anyway? Some of them, I guess, can have some health merits. But it’s as if the scientists doing these studies think that all people are the same and will have the same outcomes for any given life choice. We are not all the same! Our kids are not all the same!

Parenting is hard enough without these dumb studies telling us we are fucking it all up! Like if you buy the wrong stroller, your child could risk long-term development problems! Or at least that’s what a 2008 study suggested. Because every parent knows if your kid faces away from you in their stroller, it means you will basically never interact with your kid, like ever.

What I would really like to know is, where does the funding for all these studies come from? Why is there money being spent to find out if strippers make less money when they have their periods (yes that was a real study from 2007!) and yet we still don’t have a cure for cancer?

I mean, what the hell? We waste money on shit like these stupid studies while there are children out there battling cancer and other diseases! Think about it, if your kid was Dying from a cancer with little funding for research available, would you give a fuck about the effect your decision to stay home or go to work has on their psychological well-being? Hell no! You would just want them to live, period.

You know what, my children are all healthy and I don’t give a damn about the effect of being a stay at home parent or a working parent either! I’m pretty sure I’ll mess up my kids one way or another, thank you very much! You know why? Because that’s just what parents do.

I’m not talking about “My kid’s a meth addict” kind of messed up. I’m talking about my kid makes mistakes, my kid is human, just like his mother. There is no study out there that will show me how to be a perfect mother, because there is no such fucking thing.

So, unless it’s one to cure cancer, can we please, just stop with the damn studies already?!

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  1. I am really sick of all the studies too. The worst thing about it is that many of them are being funded by taxpayer dollars. Studies that involve humans as subjects are pretty impossible to perform with scientific accuracy because a 'control' group is impossible to create since all humans are different to start with. I read the recent one about working mom and I was irritated with it because it basically stated that being a 'good' mom consisted of raising a child taht would make the most money. How about raising kind, generous, moral people?

  2. Glad to hear I'm not the only one! Thank you for reading!