Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Will they remember?

am not a perfect mother. 

I yell at my kids more than I'd like. I'm a terrible housekeeper. I feed them McDonalds. I make the wrong call about whether or not to bring them to the doctor, keeping them home, when in fact they broke a bone, bringing them in when there's nothing at all wrong with them.

Some days I worry that my kids will only remember my shortcomings. When they are older, are they going to look back and remember a cranky mom who told them no all the time and yelled at them to pick up their toys? 

Will they remember the times they puked on me and I just rubbed their backs and told them everything is okay?

Will they remember being scared and Mommy hugging them close and saying, Mommy's here, Mommy's here?

Will they remember the times we danced in the rain? Or the snowmen we've built that have slowly died each spring only to be resurrected again next winter?

Will they remember the books? So many books. 

The ones I thought were stupid but I read and reread to them anyway, because it was their favorite. The ones where I gave each character their own silly voice? 

Will they remember the spontaneous dance parties held in our kitchen? Will they remember me holding them in my arms, singing, Doo do do do, then dipping them back so they were hanging all the way upside down, giggling furiously with fear and excitement? 

My oldest child is almost 8. I can barely lift him off the ground. If we're all in the kitchen, though, and a good dancing song comes on, he still pleads, "Dip me, Mom! Dip me!"

As long as I can, I will. As long as he promises to remember.

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  1. I could have written this! I think we all wonder if we are "mom" enough at least once a day.

    I'm sure the good times are the things they'll remember, more than the dishes or toys that aren't put away. The love is the thing they'll remember most. I'm sure you are mom enough :)

  2. Aw, I think the myself quite often and surely hope my kids someday do remember more of the good times versus the bad, as well.

  3. I think kids tend to remember the best about us. (Thank goodness.) By the way, your bookshelf looks like ours. Only we have about four of them lol

  4. I have never met a parent who doesn't ask themselves about these things. I suspect they'll remember more of the good than the bad, hell as a father I sure hope my kids do. :)

  5. So sweet. It really is a crapshoot - memories are weird. Who knows what random things your (or my) kids will remember?

    When ours were very young we took them on vacation and while we were sitting in the airport waiting for our flight we thought, "Hey, I actually have memories from when I was that age. Maybe our kids will remember this!" It was pretty exciting.

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