Thursday, April 6, 2017

Don't Nurse and Prime

My first child was born in 2008. Which technology wise would be considered,  I don't know, not the Stone Age anymore, but maybe the Victorian age. I owned a Dell desktop computer, remember desktops? That was it.

No smartphone, no tablets of any kind. Gah, just reading that makes it seem like a million years ago rather than just 9. 

At the time when I was getting up multiple times a night to nurse my newborn baby I had no Amazon prime, no Candy Crush, I didn't even have Facebook yet. 

We had free cable though. The people who lived in our apartment before us must have had cable and no one from the cable company came to unhook it. We simply just never got around to notifying them of their shortcomings.

So that is what I did to pass the time during middle of the night feedings. Around 4am everyday there was a channel that played Saved by the bell reruns. I probably watched every episode, even the college years, during my son's first year of life. 

Fast forward to now. I had my fourth child in September of last year. Boy has a lot changed. I now possess the power of the universe in the palm of my hand. By that I mean I have an iPhone. With, among other things, Amazon prime. 

You know that saying, don't drink and prime? Yeah, don't nurse and prime either. 

Christmas Eve when Brad, my husband, and I were taking stock of all the presents we'd collected and hidden all over our house and cars, Brad pulled out two identical Imaginex The Penguin toys and gave me the "WTF?" look. 

Shit! I forgot I ordered that on Amazon and then when I was shopping at the mall I bought it there too. 

This repeated a few more times. 

More recently, it was a pair of shoes for myself. I actually got something for me instead of the kids for a change. 

They were too small. 

You know, Zach Morris never showed up on my door step two days later in the form of shoes that don't fit me.

By the way, what's with your shoe size changing after pregnancy? Haven't we been through enough, what with pregnancy and childbirth and all?

It's never been a good idea for me to buy shoes online. I need to try them on. Especially after just having a baby. Stupid deal of the day got to me. 

Kelly Kapowski would never encourage you to hurry before this deal ends. 

If you find yourself up in the middle of the night with your baby and are perusing Amazon, hopefully you will be smarter than me. Maybe be saved by the "save for later" feature. 

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  1. These days little kids know how to use smartphones and so as every other electronic item. Every child is now so sharp minded with these types of technologies.

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