Sunday, September 3, 2017

Moms are the strongest people I know

It was the man bagging my groceries who said this to me. I was juggling a fussy baby on my hip, a toddler who had just discovered those God forsaken toy displays near the register and another kid who was continuously grabbing candy bars and begging me to buy them.
Picks up a butterfinger, “Can I have this?”
“No, put it back.”
Picks up a snickers, “Can I have this?”
“M and Ms?”
While fishing out a buy one, get one free Spegettios coupon that I could have sworn I had shoved into the abyss of my diaper bagearlier, the cashier asked me, “Do you need help?”
I was a little confused. Help with what exactly? I could really use someone to do my dishes or wash my laundry. I could use someone to watch my kids so I could take a shower. 
I quickly realized she meant because of all I was carrying. “I’m fine,” I told her. “I’m used to it.”
That’s when he said it. “Moms are the strongest people I know. Seriously. I see you guys in the store every day, carrying your kids or pushing two carts.”
His words blew me away. 
I don’t work out, not in a traditional sense. But I guess I do lift weights. Well a weight. She started out at around 9 pounds and has been steadily increasing in weight every day. She has a nice little case she fits snugly in and keeps her safe when we travel. I carry her around in her carrier everywhere until my arm feels like a wet noodle and I don’t think I can carry her another step. Of course I always do, because that’s what moms do.
I run. Not long distances or anything, but in short sprints after toddlers squealing with glee as they b-line it towards the road. 
I play chase and hide and seek. I push swings and play catch.
I host high calorie burning dance parties in the kitchen.
I climb those mother effing fast food play structures after a kid who decided that they cannot go down the slide nor can they go back down the tunnel from which they climbed up, but must just sit there and cry.
That’s a sampling of my exercise routine. Not all that impressive compared to some, but this stranger, a man who if I had to guess was unmarried and had no children of his own, recognizesMoms as the strongest people he knows. 
Thank you man who bagged my groceries. Thank you not just for making sure my bread didn’t get squished but for acknowledging my strength and that of all my fellow moms.


  1. Moms are the superheroes we all (mostly) are blessed with by God. They are the most valuable players and they they give all their life to make sure their children get the best. More power and love to all the mothers in the world.

  2. Such an inspiring posts. infact allof ur post are really inspiring and worth appreciating. and yes its true moms are the super heroes.

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